​​​​​​Pool Hours 

Daily opening at 8:30 am

Pool closing times (1/2 hour before sunset) as follows:

​November   5:00 pm

December   5:00 pm

​( Pools and Pool decks are closed when lightning is present )​

​​Recreation Building​
6:00 am - 8:00 pm Daily

(must have pass and sign disclosure to have access to the Recreation building.) 

Office Hours 

9:00 am - 4:00 pm M-F

Located at 6464 Coniston St

Please call for an appointment,

if needed 941-697-4443

Pool /Recreation Center 


Homeowner, Tenant and Guest passes can be obtained in the office during business hours or by appointment.

Homeowners and Tenants need photo ID's. Stop by to have your picture taken, or you can email your photo to:  gardensofgulfcove@gmail.com .

If your unable to  pick up your pass during business hours, we can deliver it to your home or mail it for your convenience.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​GARDENS OF GULF COVE Property Owner's Association

Welcome to the Gardens of Gulf Cove. We are a mandatory participation deed-restricted community.

We have annual dues to maintain the amenities along with common rules to follow,

making the Gardens a truly great place to live!


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Gardens of Gulf Cove Property Owners Association, Inc.  

6464 Coniston St., Port Charlotte FL  33981

(941) 697-4443 office   ~ 888-841-5370  facsimile




All Tenants over the age of 18 are subject to our background check process and must get approval letter prior to occupancy date.  We  cannot accept background reports from other sources. 

Execute rental packet (under documents & forms)

Background checks:

​$75.00 per person over the age of 18, or 
$75.00 per married couple

In addition to the Background check 

 A one time single Application  fee of $100.00 (for tenants to be paid when back-ground ck is processed). 

 *** Tenants can not have pets ****

Service Pets can produce legal documents to association.

 We do NOT accept Cash or Credit cards. 

Checks and Money orders should be made payable to:  Gardens of Gulf Cove POA.

New Owners

All Buyers are subject to our background check process to occupy the property. This is to be completed before purchase.

Execute buyer application packet (under documents & forms) and pay fees as noted.

Must complete Property Owner Registration within 30 days of purchase. 

Rentals are prohibited in 1st year of ownership, after which subject to our rental restrictions.
Rules, forms and fees are subject to change at any time without notice.

Annual Assessment Fee:

$332.75 - due January 1( late after January 30th)

Background checks:

$75.00 per person over the age of 18, or 

$75.00 per married couple

Closing Costs (updated 10/18/18):
$100.00 Transfer fee(This fee will be added to closing statement by the title company

$250.00 Estoppel fee

Send Estoppel requests to the Gardens of Gulf Cove POA via email at: gardensofgulfcove@gmail.com or mail to Gardens of Gulf Cove POA, 6464 Coniston St. Port Charlotte, FL 33981