‚ÄčEnviromental Compliance Committee

In accordance with Amended and Restated Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, property owners seeking approval for any exterior project hereby agree that work on such project will not commence without the approval by the Board of Directors. 

On its part, the Board of Directors through its Compliance Committee agrees to act expeditiously to inspect sites of any improvements and to make suggestions, if possible, which may render acceptable any plans, which may otherwise be objectionable. 

In no way does a county permit constitute a substitution for the required permit from Property Owners Association, nor does this constitute a substitution for any required permit from Charlotte County. Please check with Charlotte County 941-743-1201 to determine if a county permit is required for the improvement. 

Please describe your project the best that you can. 

Once the permit is executed by a Board member and Compliance officer, a copy of the permit will be emailed to you.